SafeButler FAQ

What is SafeButler?

SafeButler is a 100% free, insurance policy price comparison service. It searches hundreds of insurance websites at once to find you the best, most affordable policies, based on the details that you provide. By bringing technology and transparency to the insurance buying process, we empower our customers to make decisions about insurance that they can feel confident about.

How does SafeButler work?

Imagine having to manually enter your personal information on an insurance company’s website just to receive a quote that’s out of your price range. Now imagine having to do this five, ten, or even fifteen times before finding a policy that you can afford.

SafeButler automates the insurance shopping process so that you don’t have to. We run your information through our providers’ quoting algorithms to present you with a full list of quotes in fewer than 30 seconds. That way, you can quickly choose the policy that’s right for you and get back to the things that really matter

How is SafeButler different from a traditional insurance comparison site?

Traditional insurance comparison sites work with only a limited number of small brands, so it’s impossible to know whether the deals you’re getting are truly the “best” or are merely the “best” of a small sample size.

SafeButler is different. We gather information from a full list of insurance carriers, including top national carriers, so that you can feel confident that the deal you’re getting is truly the best one.

Why do you need personal details like my name and date of birth?

We ask for personal details like your name and date of birth in order to give you accurate quotes on the best policies. Without this information, which insurance providers use to calculate risk, the quotes that you receive from us wouldn’t be accurate--in fact, they might even be higher than they actually should be.

Rest assured: we do not retain your personal details, and we take all measures to secure our integrations with every insurance company to protect your information.

Are your quotes guaranteed?

As a rule, insurance policy quotes are rarely guaranteed, even when they come from insurance providers themselves. Quotes are almost always subject to change, usually based on an individual’s claim history or credit score--information that is only collected after the fact.

Even so, we at SafeButler take pride in providing you with quotes that you can trust. When you receive a quote with an “accurate price” badge, you can be confident that, except in the most unusual of circumstances, your final price will be very similar to your quoted price. When you receive a quote with an “estimated price” badge, you can be confident that, even if your final price differs somewhat from the price that you were originally quoted, it will not differ dramatically.

We’re not in the business of deceiving you. If, for any reason, we aren’t able to provide you with an accurate quote, we will tell you.

How much does SafeButler service cost me?

Put your wallet away! SafeButler is 100% free.

Does SafeButler mark up the price?

No, and we never will. You will never receive a quote from SafeButler that you wouldn’t also have received from an insurance provider (assuming the information you provided is the same).

What insurance can SafeButler shop for me?

We currently support users in search of affordable renters, life, auto, and homeowners insurance.

What brands does SafeButler quote from?

As a consumer, your peace of mind is important. But so is your time. That’s why we take pride in being selectively exhaustive. To shorten your wait-time and optimize your results, we only pull policies from insurance companies with A or A+ ratings from AM Best. In other words, we filter our results based on quality, not size.