Best Renters Insurance in Provo, UT for 2021

Looking for renters insurance in Provo? Premiums average about $155 for Provo tenants. Your costs will vary based on your age, home location, extent of coverage, and other details.

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Renter’s insurance is a wise choice to protect your belongings and provide liability coverage. It is increasingly required by landlords before signing the lease agreement. The landlord's own insurance usually only covers the damage to the actual dwelling, while your renter’s insurance is a good supplement to protect your personal property inside the apartment in the event of fire, theft or damage.

How much is Renters Insurance in Provo?

Based on our quote history, the renters insurance premium ranges from $60.0 to $247.05 in Provo. The quote is based on an applicant profile of a single, 20-year-old student has filed no claims in five years with coverage includes medical payments of $5,000 and personal property of $10,000.

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What factors determine renters insurance premium?

The department of insurance has regulations in place regarding what factors can be used to determine your insurance premiums. In most cases, your location, age, and the amount of coverage you are seeking are the most significant factors for your renter’s insurance premium. In some states, your credit score is also taken into account and is an important factor.

  • The amount of coverage you chose
    • The value of your personal property, and whether your policy covers ACV or replacement costs
    • The amount of your deductible
    • The amount of liability coverage you choose
  • Where the property you’re renting is located
    Are the crime rates particularly high in your neighborhood? Rates may be higher as a result. Is the area prone to higher risks for wind or hurricane damage? These factors matter as well.
  • Discounts
    You may be eligible for discounts if you have purchased other insurance policies with the provider, or bundle your insurance. There are also discounts available for renters with added security features- such as deadbolt locks, security systems, smoke detectors, etc.

Common renters insurance discounts

Most carriers provide various discounts for renters insurance, much like auto insurance. Below, you’ll find the most common discounts. Click here to start a free and personalized insurance quote to compare all the discounts.

Discount Description
Multi-Policy If you purchase both renters and auto insurance from the same company, you may qualify a discount for the auto insurance.
Secure Home If you have extinguishers, burglar alarm devices, or you are in a gated community, you may qualify for the secured home discount. This averages to a discount of about 5% for most carriers.
Claim-free Just like auto insurance is lower for accident-free drivers, renter’s insurance is also cheaper for claim free tenants. If you have never reported any claims before, you will qualify for the claim-free discounts from quite a few carriers.
Age Usually, for renters insurance, older people pay less than younger people for a similar property. So, if you’re a college student and trying to find a renter’s policy for your apartment near school, you are likely to pay more.
Good Credit A customer with a credit score higher than 700 can often get a better rate than those with lower credit scores.
Pay-in-full If the carrier supports both monthly and yearly payment, paying in full each year will likely give you a discount. In other words, if you choose to pay monthly, you should pay attention to the extra fee charged by your carrier.
Paperless A few carriers even provide paperless discounts. This discount is not as common with newer carriers, so it may not be available with your policy.

What are other risks to consider in Provo?

Unfortunately, most renter’s insurance policies do not cover damages to your personal property caused by a flood or an earthquake. Therefore, it is also a good idea to check with your insurance agent and learn more about what policies are available that cover these specific disasters.

Last but not least, thanks to the increased risk of the exposure of personal information on the Internet in today’s digital world, it is also important to check if your renter’s insurance provides identity theft protection.

Does renters insurance cover roof leaking in Provo?

Renters insurance focused on providing coverage for the renter, which does not cover any property damage, including roof leaking. Instead, the owner/landlord is responsible for their own insurance (Landlord insurance) to cover those costs. However, renters insurance policies can give you protection for the following things: medical expenses for any injuries sustained in the emergency, personal property damage by the roof leaking, living expenses such as finding a new place to live after current residence is damaged, personal liability, etc.

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