12 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

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12 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

Whether you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person, if you’re anything like most pet owners, you love your pet. But have you ever considered getting pet insurance for them?

Insurance for pets is not a new idea, but it’s still something many pet owners haven’t thought about. As you probably guessed, pet insurance is there to help cover the vet’s bills in case your pet gets sick or injured.

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Having pet insurance can dramatically improve animal welfare since many pet owners couldn’t afford expensive treatments even if their pets need them. But the best pet insurance will also pay out if your pet dies or is lost or stolen. Good insurance will even help pay for expenses if your pet injures someone else.

While pet insurance won’t cover all expenses, and the exact details will depend on your specific plan, it’s a must-have for people who love their pets.

But if you’re like many other people, you may wonder if the benefits of pet insurance really outweigh the cost. That’s what you’re about to find out. To learn all about the benefits of pet insurance, keep reading.

1. Animals Get Sick Too

If you have children, you wouldn’t dream of letting a month go by without adequate health insurance coverage. You probably wouldn’t allow yourself to go without good insurance, either. The chances that one of you could get ill and need medical attention are simply too high.

However, pets can get sick just like people. Although we’re accustomed to seeing dogs and cats in excellent health, occasionally, even the healthiest animals need medical care. With good pet insurance, you can be prepared when it happens.

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2. Accidents Happen to Everyone

Compare pet insurance to car insurance for a moment.

In order to drive a vehicle legally, you’re required to have eligible car insurance. This is because car accidents are a fairly common occurrence, even for careful drivers. Without insurance, two or more drivers could be financially ruined after even a minor accident.

While no one expects accidents to happen, least of all to their pets, it often comes when you least expect it. You can’t prevent all accidents from occurring no matter how hard you try, so it’s best to prepare for them instead with insurance.

3. Prepare for Hereditary and Breed-Specific Conditions

Health conditions don’t always arise unexpectedly. Some conditions are common to specific breeds of pets, while others may be inherited from parents. If you don’t have an insurance plan that will cover hereditary and breed-specific conditions, you could be in financial trouble when your pet gets sick.

This is an important point because different insurance plans have different conditions that they will treat. If your dog is a breed that gets sick easily or frequently, you may have to pay more, even if your particular pet is healthy.

4. Getting Insured Is the Responsible Choice

Did you have your pets vaccinated when you first got them? Of course, you did—not only do vaccines protect pets from deadly illnesses, but they also keep those illnesses from spreading around to other people’s pets. Most pet owners would agree that it’s simply the responsible choice.

Likewise, getting pet insurance is another responsible choice you should carefully consider. Even if you don’t expect your pet to get sick, you never know what might happen later on. It’s always best to be prepared.

5. Vet Bills Can Be Unexpectedly High

If you’ve ever taken your dog or cat to the vet—and you almost certainly have—then you may have been surprised by the high cost incurred by a simple visit. No one likes to be taken by surprise, and that’s never more true than when your pet is sick or injured and requires treatment.

You may have been able to successfully manage all vet bills up until now, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be as lucky in the future. Pet insurance is the only way to be prepared for future costs.

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6. Vet Bills Are Even Higher Across a Pet’s Lifetime

If you thought a bill from a one-time vet visit could be expensive, think about what a lifetime of pet care must cost! No matter how well-off you are financially, healthcare for your pet will end up being quite expensive by the end of their life. Insurance can make things significantly easier for you in the long run.

7. Save Your Savings

If you have a savings account, chances are you’d rather not spend it all overnight because of an unexpected medical emergency. In fact, if that should ever become necessary, you might not feel comfortable using your life’s savings on vet bills at all, no matter how much you love your pet.

The money in your savings account is there to protect your family and care for yourself once you can no longer work. Don’t put yourself into a position where you must sacrifice your family’s welfare to save your pet. Insurance is a much better solution for pet-related emergencies.

8. Prioritize Preventive Care Affordably

Checkups are important, and that’s just as true for animals as it is for people. But if you don’t have pet insurance, you may feel hesitant to take your pet to the vet as often as you should.

With insurance, you’ll be able to visit the vet with your pet as often as necessary to keep them in optimal health.

9. Don’t Worry About Insurance Not Covering Preexisting Conditions

Maybe you feel that getting pet insurance would be a good idea, but you’d rather wait until your pet gets a little older and actually needs frequent care. However, this isn’t a wise choice. Pet insurance companies will almost always refuse to cover preexisting medical conditions that your pet has.

If you decide to wait a few years before getting insurance, your pet may have developed a chronic condition before then. Any insurance company you talk to most likely wouldn’t cover treatments for your pet’s preexisting condition. Because of this, you should get adequate coverage as soon as possible.

10. Avoid Dealing With Waiting Periods Later

If your pet gets sick, most insurance companies will require that you wait for a certain period of time before they’ll sell you insurance coverage. No insurance company wants to take on a liability willingly, so if your pet has recently been sick, they’ll be less likely to work with you. This is another reason to get an insurance plan now, without waiting longer than necessary.

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11. Enjoy Peace of Mind Now

Think about it: you never know when your pet will get sick or injured. It could happen as soon as tomorrow.

Of course, no one wants to think about something like that. But thinking about that kind of thing now could save your pet’s life later, depending on your decision.

With a great insurance plan in place for your pet, you can rest easy knowing that, no matter what happens, your furry (or feathery or scaly) friend will be safe. What would that kind of peace of mind be worth to you?

12. Avoid Necessary Heartbreaking Decisions

It’s a sad fact that many families with pets are simply unequipped to pay expensive vet bills should their pets get sick. Many pet owners would be forced to have their pets put down if such a situation came up for them. While this is a horrifying and unthinkable idea, it’s a heartbreaking reality for many unprepared pet owners.

If your pet ever becomes sick or injured, the last thing you want is to choose between saving your pet and maintaining your financial security. You can choose both by enrolling in a good insurance plan today.

Find the Best Pet Insurance for You Today

By now, you should be able to see why you need pet insurance. Whether you have a thoroughbred dog, an adopted cat, or a ferret, all pets are valuable and deserve the best care possible. With a good pet insurance plan, that’s something you can finally provide for your beloved pet.

But the question remains: how do you find the best insurance plan for you and your pet?

That’s what SafeButler is here for. No matter what kind of insurance coverage you need, SafeButler can help you find the best deal. Compare insurance options here on our website.

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