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Last updated Feb 10, 2022

Are you a dog/cat owner or considering adopting? You've come to the right place! Check everything you need to know about Alaskan Malamute below to see if they're the great fit. We'll cover breed characteristics, personality, common health issues, care and sanitary information and pet insurance cost. While pet insurance usually doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions such as hip dysplasia, diabetes mellitus, and follicular dysplasia, it helps cover the vet’s bills in case your pet gets sick or injured. The average pet insurance premium for dog is around $218.13 per year for accident only and $594.15 per year for accident and illness.

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The Alaskan Malamute is a robust, heavy-duty spitz-type worker who is friendly, loyal, and playful but dignified. He is distinguished by his well-furred plumed tail draped over the back, erect ears, and hefty bone.

His job requires him to haul sledges, thus he is extremely strong, but he is often unaware of it. He requires both physical and cerebral challenges, otherwise he risks becoming destructive. His owner must be willing to devote time to his training. The Malamute is a cold-weather dog with a thick, coarse outer coat and a woolly undercoat. He is not suited to a hot climate and will need to be kept cool on hot days. He'll need to live somewhere with a garden and get plenty of exercise. Grooming is difficult, and this dog need frequent grooming as well as expert grooming once or twice a year.

Common Health Problems/Possible Pre-Existing Condition

Health Problem Risk Medical Cost
Hip Dysplasia $1,500-$6,000
Diabetes Mellitus $5,000-$10,000
Follicular Dysplasia $200-$800
Uveodermatologic Syndrome $1,000-$3,000

Average Size and Life Expectancy


Average Pet Insurance Cost and Why Your Alaskan Malamute Need it?

Depending on where you reside, the age of your dog, and the policy settings you select, pet insurance may cost more or less. Alaskan Malamute policies can be more costly than mixed breed policies since Alaskan Malamute are considerably more likely than mixed breed dogs to file claims for inherited diseases that are expensive to treat.

According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, the annual expenses of surgical vet visits for dogs is $458 on average and the average annual expenses of routine vet visits for dogs is $242. But if a pet becomes ill or has an accident, those expenses can increase drastically.

Every year, 1 out of every 3 pets will require emergency treatment. According to Petplan, the typical cost of unexpected veterinary care for pets ranges from $800 to $1,500 while around 61 percent of Americans do not even have enough money set up to meet a $1,000 emergency. You’ll always need a pet insurance to save your life because unanticipated crises and operations are the most unaffordable burden. Pet insurance won’t cover all the spending at the vet, but it can help you from going bankrupt in just a snap.

After you pay a deductible, which can vary from $0 to $1,000 or more depending on your plan, an insurance policy normally pays 70% to 90% of your costs.

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Care & Sanitary

In terms of grooming, using a slicker or bristle brush and a line comb on a daily basis is ideal. They aid in shedding control, the removal of dirt and mats, and the distribution of natural oils to moisturize the dogs' skin and make their coats shiny. The mal's double-coat provides crucial cold and heat protection, thus vets advise avoiding shaving.

Lint brushes in each area and a powerful vacuum can help with Alaskan malamute shedding. The loose fur is incredibly fluffy and spotless. Malamutes are meticulous in their grooming. Unless they're heavy diggers, most people only need baths a few times a year. They frequently lick themselves clean after meals, and the majority of them do not smell.

Other Tips to Save Money on Pet Insurance

  • Higher deductible
    Consider having higher deductible plan if you only make one or two claim annually. The higher your deductible, the cheaper your monthly premium will be. But if your pet needs to visit the vet on a regular basis, a high deductible could harm your pocket badly.
  • Lower reimbursement plan
    Limit the amount you get from insurer if you file a claim. Just like the higher deductible, it could decrease your monthly rates but also risky if your pet get seriously ill often.
  • Pay annually
    Some insurer are willing to provide discount if you agree to an annual payment.
  • Insure them in an early age
    The younger your pet, the lower the insurance rates will be. Young pets usually have fewer pre-existing conditions. Oftentimes, accidents can happen sooner than you think. Keep in mind that the insurers normally have an age limit(from 7 to 14 years old, depending on companies) that they will not accept your pet.
  • Shop around
    Always look for better deals. You may compare pet insurance quotes through comparison websites, just like you can with other insurance, but you should also do your own research.


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