I’m subletting a room in my apartment. Should I write a sublease agreement with the person?

I have an empty room and I want to sublet it to save me some money. Do I have to write an agreement with the sublessee?

With the landlord’s consent, you can sublet your room in your apartment to another person. When you are subletting your apartment, always write an agreement with both party signature to keep a record. No one wants to be on court but the verbal agreement can not be solid proof if needed. The agreement can be the evidence and protect both you and the sublessee. 

You should also require the sublessee to have his/her own renter's insurance policy. SafeButler provides the tool to find the best and cheapest renters insurance policy easily. Get your free quote in 30 seconds!

Also, SafeButler has written a sublease agreement template for you and your prospective sublessee. Check it out here!


Elena G.
Elena G.
Answered on March 4, 2022

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